Changemaker Club™ is an exclusive community of emerging thought leaders and entrepreneurs that provides you with not only the FOUNDATION you need to grow and explode your brand, but the step-by-step frameworks to establish your authority and successfully lead your movement.
To grow and scale properly, you need consistently practice the fundamentals...
All high performers and top athletes around the world understand this. To get further ahead, you need a coach that can see your blind spots.  You also need to consistently execute on the fundamentals BEFORE you grow and scale your movement. 

Business owners and changemakers who DO NOT practice the Four Dimensions of modern-day thought leadership cannot continue with the movement they were made to lead. 

Their message stays "confined" within their network and local communities. They are stuck preaching the same message to the same customers. 

Life is about evolution. It's about choosing progress over perfection. It's about redefining WHO you are and WHAT you stand for. 

You can do all this and more within the Changemaker Club™ because you believe in mastery. 
Founder Of Mike Thurlow Coaching |  
Certified Professional Coach
"I would HIGHLY encourage you to join the Changemaker Club™ because Jay Wong brings it every single time that he is with our group. He has so much great information. 

The Changemaker Roadmap™ is a phenomenal tool and it's going to be a resource for you going forward through your business whatever stage your business you're in. Whether you are JUST starting out, OR have been online for a few years, you will be BLOWN away by this community! 

This not your typical 'membership community.
This is where you get direct access to Jay, his team, and his network of high profile changemakers from around the world. 
Why am I doing this? 
  • Over the last few years of interviewing millionaires, New York Bestsellers,  real estate moguls and even a few billionaires, I have recognize patterns among the VERY best and only share them with my private coaching clients. Now I want to share the principles with you. 
  • No one has time to buy another "online course" and go through it. This is NOT a game of MORE content. It's a GAME of context. That's why the structure allows for peer to peer feedback as well as frameworks from proven
    7-8 figure earners. 
  • I expect to raise the overall standard of the online training  space as well and show you how you can master your CURRENCY, still CHOOSE LEGACY and WIN in business. 
Host Of The Abundant Mindset Podcast | Published Author| International Speaker
Jay has this process that he takes you through and in the beginning you're thinking "oh my gosh this is a lot of stuff to do."

But then he tells you how to do it. What you need to do. And it's a step by step process. And I found that if I followed the directions and did what he said oh my gosh I got fabulous results. 

I'm working with Jay on learning how to do an online program. And so every time I get stuck I go back and I really listen to a module multiple times and that's when you get the insights and your intuition kicks in.
Access To Changemaker Roadmap™ 
The complete breakdown of the four dimensions of becoming a modern-day thought leader. 

You can see the step-by-step process of how to build your brand from the ground up, or look to add and optimize your current brand.

The four dimensions that you will master are email marketing, social media, opt-ins and operating at high performance, both personally and professionally
Monthly LIVE Group Coaching And AMA
Every single month, Jay will hop on LIVE with you to answer your most pressing questions and obstacles. 

You will leave feeling rejuvenated and with a sense of clarity of knowing exactly what to execute on next.  

This will include LIVE AMA at the end of each session and you can submit questions ahead of time to ensure yours will be answered. 
Marketing Training With The Top Industry Leaders And Proven Entrepreneurs
One of the BIGGEST perks of being in the Changemaker Club is ACCESS to the VERY best; crushing it within their niche. 

Here are only a few of the ones we have booked for 2019...
  • ​A YouTuber that has been on the platform for 5+ years, over 200M views w/ over 1.5M subscribers 
  • One of the world’s top Facebook Advertising experts known to generate a minimum of 1000+% returns for 
  • ​An expert funnel builders and systems expert who has generated over 3M+ in their business in over the last year alone
  • ​A network of award-winning writers and New York Bestsellers         (hint - just take a look at who comes on the podcast)  

The Changemaker Club™  Facebook Community

This is the ‘portal’ of where all things “Changemaker Club” will be delivered including daily support, access, announcements, links, and details.

You will also have access to our membership site where all the modules and recordings will be housed as well.
"Exclusive Deals" on programs, software, events unavailable anywhere else.

Once you are a club member, you are IN.

Being apart of the Changemaker Club grants you VIP Access and special pricing to live events software, tools, courses, and programs recommended by Jay and our community

Surprises are BOUND to come for those ready to take action and elevate their movement!
Here is whom it’s for:
  • ​Those who are tired of just getting more information and chasing the next shiny object
  • ​Business owners who are willing to make a commitment to mastery of the fundamentals to explode their brand
  • ​The emerging thought leader who wants access to the very best practitioners in the industry
  • ​The person ready to         "play to win" rather than playing not to lose
3x TEDx Speaker | Founder of Healthgenie and Dudebuddha
My experience with Jay has been world class. I've taken Jay's Personal Branding course, his Podcast Your Brand Accelerator AND hired him to coach me with not only my show, but overall, getting my out in a way that it RESONATED with my audience...and BOOM!! 

Over the last 18 months, I've landed three $10k speaking engagements and sold over $200,000 in coaching revenue because of the fundamentals I learnt in the course. 

Really take the time to think about who you are, who you know you are truly meant to be and if you feel there is that greatness inside of you that can help better people's lives...then go for it! 
Here Is The Investment Packages:
  • ​The Entire Changemaker Roadmap™ Masterclass for FREE! 
  • Monthly LIVE Group Coaching + AMA's w/
    Jay Wong
  • Monthly Marketing Training With either Jay and/or a proven 7-8 figure earner
  • Access To The Private Changemaker Club™ community
  • Weekly Video Feedback And insights within the community
  • ​Special Deals on programs, software, events unavailable anywhere else.
  • ​And so much more!!!
ONLY $297.00/MO
(no commitments, cancel anytime you feel it’s not right for you)
  • ​The Entire Changemaker Roadmap™ Masterclass for FREE! 
  • ​Monthly LIVE Group Coaching + AMA's w/
    Jay Wong
  • ​Monthly Marketing Training With either Jay and/or a proven 7-8 figure earner
  • ​Access To The Private Changemaker Club™ community
  • Weekly Video Feedback And insights within the community
  • ​Special Deals on programs, software, events unavailable anywhere else.
  • ​ And so much more!!!
A 1-on-1 Session With Jay Wong 
(Valued at $980/hour)
***included ONLY with annual membership
  •  We are going to go through your next 6-12 months of marketing initiatives
  •  You will leave with absolute clarity on what to do next in your business for the BIGGEST results
  •  Complimentary For Annual Members that believe in mastering their marketing and message
ONLY $2,980/YR
The Changemaker Club™ Effect
Once you make the decision to become a "changemaker", your life and business will change. You are stepping into a leadership role within your brand and life and there's no turning back. It's a commitment to get better 1% each day. 

The Changemaker Club™ is designed to not overwhelm or inundate you with information you’ll never go through or use… it designed to give you the fundamentals tools you need to be successful as well as  access to Jay Wong and his network. 
You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)
What if I missed any of the LIVE calls or expert trainings?

No worries at all. Everything is recorded and housed in the group so you can reference it anytime. You will also receive access to the Club portal as well. 
Is this just for podcasting or creating a show? 

Not even scratching the surface. This is all encompassing and looks to be the one-stop-shop for the fundamentals of leveraging digital marketing to create, build and eventually monetize your movement. 

What modules are specifically laid out in the Changemaker Roadmap™

Module 1 - Weekly Value Broadcast 
Module 2 - Opt-In + Compelling Offer
Module 3 - Micro Virality
Module 4 - Changemaker High Performance + Planning System

Is there a cap in the Changemaker Club™?
Yes, The Club has only 150 total seats available.
This is small enough to ensure you get the direct help you need but large enough to ensure collaboration and participation on all Club experiences.
I understand that if I put in the work and implement the systems I WILL see epic results - but how many hours should I be setting aside each week?
The Changemaker Club™ is designed to not overwhelm or inundate you with information you’ll never go through or use…it’s not only a course. If you just want information only, this is not for you.

 If you want community and believe in MASTERY, then you will find tons of value from the club. 
 What if I have more questions?

Contact my team directly at and we will be more than happy to get you sorted! 
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